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Nektra Panorama

Windows Mobile Development Toolkit

Nektra has developed a complete set of native controls to develop applications in Windows Mobile.

These are the highlights of this API:

  • Finger friendly controls
  • Grid control that can contain different types of objects allowing the user to scroll items
  • List view that can group and sort items in multiple ways. This control is used in Nektra's Contact Manager
  • Flexible toolbar
  • Small scrollbar
  • Transparent Windows (Like the WS_EX_TRANSPARENT style)
  • All the controls are painted together to allow smooth transitions
  • Jabber API to implement online applications
  • Hardware manufacturers can use their hardware accelerators
  • And a lot more!

Nektra's Windows Mobile Contact Manager was developed using the Panorama WM Develompent Toolkit.

Why choose native application instead of .NET?

  • Reduced memory usage
  • Faster response
  • Quick start of applications
  • No need to download the compact .NET framework (About 33mb)
  • Best software in the market is made native

Download Nektra Panorama Demo clicking here!

Check out some Demo screenshots:


Nektra Panorama's Price

Nektra Panorama SDK with Source Code

US$ 999.-

Price Includes:

  • Unlimited technical support forum participation.
  • Demonstrative examples and technical documentation.
  • Product upgrades during the following 12 months.

You can suggest features or request more info about this product...

Please feel free to Contact us directly.

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